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DIN-Rail Logger


By collecting operating data and status from the inverter,meter,CT,reclosing and other equipment,DIN-rail logger can enable long-term and effective monitoring and management of energy generation and power consumption of systems.

The logger can connect to multiple devices via various interfaces and could transmit data to remote management platfrom via mobile networks,WiFi or Ethernet connection.

Both real-time status and historical data of a variety of equipment can be with transparent graths,enabling intuitive and clear understanding of the PV system and electical equipment.Futhermore,customized alerts can notify users of any malfunction or defect immediately via emails.

  • Suitalbel for 35mm standard DIN-rail mounting  Standard DIN-rail mounting
  • Ensure completeness of collected data  Data resuming 
  • Devices could be upgraded and debugged remotely for easy maintenance Remote upgrade

  • Realtime alerts with immediate nofication for fast troubleshooting  Alert notification

  • Check the system status anytime and anywhere via online portal or app, no additional software required Monitor at anytime and anywhere

Modular assembly for easy combination of various devices

Users could choose other types of DIN-rall equipment from SOLRAMAN series to attatch to the logger for various applications,including meters, reclosing,batteries,etc.. Users could also easily assemble each device together through the pin interface of the devices.

Single/Three-Phase DIN-Rail Meter

The single/three-phrase DIN-rail meter is equiped with advanced single-chip processing system,with the characteristcs including simple circuit,high reliability and high accuracy.The meter can measure real-time current,voltage,power,and power factor,etc. In addition,with RS485 function,users and read,write and monitor the meter remotely in conjunctin with DIN-rail logger.



Reclosing can enable remote on/off function for users in conjuction with DIN-rail logger and meter. The reclosing is suitable for most standard breakders on the market and is able to trip and close automatically.Users can also control the reclosing remotely with the logger.




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