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Monitoring Device

Wi-Fi / GPRS Plug

PurpleRubik monitoring device supports WI-FI and GPRS communication. Its Bluetooth function enables local debugging upgrading to collect operation and power generation data of inverters.Pair with PurpleRubik profession platform to enable remote PV system monitoring and to realize distributed power station management with lower cost and higher efficiency.

Wi-Fi/GPRS Plug

  • External light indicator,logging status at a glance

  • Plug and play,pick power within inverter,no external power needed,easy to install

  • Independent from inverter to protect parts inside inverter,eliminate potential problems

  • Water-proof design,resistant to bad weather,enhance stability

  • External design,easier to replace faulty equipment

  • End-user can monitor generation revenue at any time with APP

User Manual


Multiple interfaces,compatible with various inverters


Batch remote management,less hassle and labor time


Data resuming function to prevent data loss

Plug & Play

Plug and play,quick and easy

Monitor Your PV System Anywhere

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