///Presola PV Inverter Mercury Series
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Presola Mercury Series Single Phase String Inverters


  • Max.DC Power: 1600W

  • Rated Power:1500W

  • Max.Apparent AC Power: 1500VA

  • Max.Efficiency:>96.8%

  • European Weighted Efficiency:>96.0%

  • Dimensions(W/H/D) :326*349*135mm

  • Max.DC Power: 2100W

  • Rated Power:2000W

  • Max.Apparent AC Power: 2000VA

  • Max.Efficiency:>97.1%

  • European Weighted Efficiency:>96.2%

  • Dimensions(W/H/D) :326*349*135mm

  • Max.DC Power: 2600W

  • Rated Power:2500W

  • Max.Apparent AC Power: 2500VA

  • Max.Efficiency:>97.2%

  • European Weighted Efficiency:>96.4%

  • Dimensions(W/H/D) :326*349*135mm

  • Max.DC Power: 3200W

  • Rated Power:3000W

  • Max.Apparent AC Power: 3000VA

  • Max.Efficiency:>97.2%

  • European Weighted Efficiency:>96.4%

  • Dimensions(W/H/D) :326*349*135mm



  • Components from world class suppliers

  • Automotive class PCB technology

  • Optimized thermal design

  • Optimized algorithm

  • Intergrated enclosure & silicone rubber sealing

  • Integrated air valve

  • 1000 hours of neutral salt spray testing

  • User friendly interface

  • Intelligent monitoring system


  • Longer MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures)

  • Higher quality guaranteed

  • Lower heat generation,faster heat dissipation

  • Accurate real-time tracking in wide voltage/frequency range

  • High performance sealing possible,less chance of moisture invasion

  • Reduction of condensation

  • Suitable for harsh environments

  • Easy to operate

  • Easy to manage and maintain


  • More electricity output,less down time

  • Reliable and stable under severe conditions

  • Lower internal operation temperature,longer component life

  • High efficiency and reliability

  • Reliable and stable under severe conditions

  • Operationalbe in more applications:fishing ponds,agricultural area,greenhouses,coastal areas

  • Easy installation and maintenance possible

  • Data analysis,Less maintenance

Single-Phase On-Grid Solar Inverter