PurpleRubik is about to attend 2017 All Energy Australia

On September 20-22, 2017, the 2017 All Energy Australia will be held in Melbourne, which attracts lots of attention in the photovoltaic industry. When the time comes, PurpleRubik will make its debut with Mercury Series and Venus Series.

Company Profile:
PurplrRubik is called a small whirlwind in the photovoltaic field. It serves as a provider of home and commercial rooftop-distributed solutions, continuously working on the design, manufacture and marketing of high-performance grid-tie solar inverters with an intelligent monitoring system. PurpleRubik’s high-quality products provide an essential bridge between pursuing the use of more independent clean power and photovoltaic systems with optimized grid-tie string inverters and power management.
Mercury Series Single-phase String Inverters:
It is a breathing inverter, adopting integrated enclosure design, which can effectively eliminate condensation. Its components are all from world-class suppliers, higher quality is well guaranteed. It has passed 1000-hour neutral salt spray testing and is suitable for any harsh environments such as fishing ponds, agricultural area, and coastal areas.

As the biggest professional exhibition in Australia, this expo attracts PV enterprises all over the world. PurpleRubik is reaching out to the world with technological innovation service system. It will continuously increase its share of market and industry status relying on advanced technologies, reliable experiences and glorious achievements.